Warmists' Stupefying Sense of Snow

Follow the Warmist logic: Absence of winter snow proves the existence of Anthropogenic Global Warming, and winter snowstorms prove its existence as well. Isn't science wonderful! Climate change (AGW) theory cannot be disproved...It is falsifiability-proof. Of course, according to scientist/philosopher Karl Popper, any theory that cannot possibly be disproved is not science at all. Instead, AGW is a cult-like religion that our fearless politicians are exploiting to attempt to enslave the populace through oppressive regulation, taxation, and economic devastation.

First, they
fear-monger using the lack of snowfall as proof that AGW is destroying the planet. Now, as the DC area is being buried in a blizzard, the story changes. Today they claim that blizzards actually prove the existence of AGW. What in the freakin' world could possibly disprove the theory? The far-reaching revelations of Climategate will eventually destroy this worship of a false god, God willing.

Andrew Thomas blogs at Darkangelpolitics.com
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