The persistent practice of tying conservatives to Nazis

The Jurassic media continues to casually throw around the phrase "right wing / far right" when describing a certain group of socialists - as in Germany's National Socialists -- of the 1930's and 40's.

Nazi was in fact short for the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. Translated it sounds even more left wing: The National Socialist German Workers' Party. The term "workers party" is now almost a universal code term for a communist political party in any nation that is not officially communist.

You can't get much more "left wing" than that.

This does not stop the media from continuing to brand conservatives with the Nazi label. Consider this excerpt from a Reuters story from yesterday:

DRESDEN, Germany (Reuters) - At least 10,000 Germans formed a human chain in Dresden on Saturday and stopped neo-Nazis staging a funeral march to remember victims of the Allied air raid that flattened the city 65 years ago.

About 5,000 neo-Nazis, clad in black, had gathered at Dresden's Neustadt station -- where Nazis once packed trains with Jews bound for the Auschwitz concentration camp -- hoping to stage Germany's biggest far-right march since 1945. (emphasis mine).

Notice how it is just inserted into the flow of the story in a matter of fact manner - as an assumed innocent little historical footnote to the story of today. You know, of course neo-Nazi's are like the tea party crowd.

And it didn't stop there:

In the past few years, the February 13 anniversary of the destruction of Dresden, in which 25,000 people were killed, has become a focus for neo-Nazis who describe the blanket bombardment as a "bombing Holocaust."

But large numbers of anti-neo-Nazi protesters, who turned out despite freezing temperatures, stopped the far-right sympathizers from getting into the town center. (emphasis mine).

There you have it, two references to the far right leanings of the neo-Nazi's in the space of four sentences at the top of the story.

We all know that branding today's conservatives with a Nazi or neo-Nazi heritage is nothing new. The left has been doing it for decades, including the ridiculous rant from Nancy Pelosi specifically tying the Tea Partys to Nazi's a few months ago.

This does not change the fact that nothing could be further from the truth. The Nazi's were indeed economic socialists with a deep foundation in atheism. In this way, they are much like the Democrat fringe base of today as well as many elected officials.

The fact that their preference was for a race of blue eyed blonds has allowed a government school educated populace to buy the myth of the conservative tie. Conservatives must not let them get away with it any more. After all, if the National Socialists of Germany were so repulsive, why are American leftists trying to push many - not all - but many of the same principles of governance on our country today