The depthless mind of Deepak Chopra

There are few human beings on planet earth more annoying than Deepak Chopra, the touchy-feely, New Age Guru whose fetid, gooey, and completely banal nostrums regarding health and healing have reached a new low in the history of civilized thought.

He is, in short, a first class idiot.

Reading Chopra's writings at Huffington Post is a mind altering experiences; you are forced to alter your perception of how anyone could be so remarkably oblivious to their own idiocy. It is impossible to reconcile in your mind the idea that anyone could take such a lightweight seriously.

Not that we needed more proof, but this snort-worthy screed at Huffpo by this fetid fakir has got to take the prize for outrageous Obama love.

Our philosopher-fool didn't like Sarah Palin's speech at the Nashville Tea Party convention:

Her appeal to jingoism came with the phrase about giving the Christmas bomber the rights guaranteed by "our Constitution," which she intoned a second time to make the point -- also beloved of the Tea Party -- that nobody deserves any rights except red-blooded Americans. Never mind that the whole point of operating under the Constitution is that everyone is given the same guarantees and rights.

But we all know why Palin has spiked the tea. In the past year the Republicans have decided, as a group, that fostering lies, attacks, and smears is good politics.

Uh-huh. Perhaps an argument over Chopra's curious interpretation of what the Constitution says about an enemy bent on making war against the United States would be better made when I have had 4 or 5 Dewars on the rocks. The only way to respond to that kind of idiocy is when fortified with strong drink and a couple of aspirins to ward off the illogical nostrums of this Mahareshi of Mendacity.

But Chopra's Palin bashing was only a warmup to his big finish; leave all those smart people who are running the government alone:

Palin plays into that Know-Nothing strain the way George Wallace* did with his "pointy-headed intellectuals." Because of it, the very smart people who saved us from a potential depression and who want to solve other looming crises can be vilified in favor of very crafty people who play upon rough prejudice.

My positive take is that Obama and the other smart people (always remembering that they are more than smart but also good-hearted, far-seeing, honest, and credible) are playing the role of adults trying to call forth the adult in all of us. Americans have had the luxury of a long period of post-adolescent irresponsibility. The crown prince of that trend was George W. Bush, for whom both luxury and irresponsibility were a given. It will take a long time to bring a turn around, and Obama may drag the Democrats into some tight places. No one has the right to demand that this society grow up. But eventually that's where we are headed, and since Obama gives adulthood the best face I can imagine from a President, I am encouraged, no matter who thinks they want another glass of poison tea.

Add Pepto Bismal to that aspirin when self-medicating in order to deal with the depthless mind of this monumental buffoon. All this talk of "growing up" and becoming an "adult" has - yes, I think - maybe - I believe I see a hair growing on my chest. Chopra's words have stimulated my hormones so that I no longer wallow in my "post-adolescent irresponsibility."

Shorter Chopra; sit down and shut up while our "good-hearted, far-seeing, honest, and credible" betters tell us what we should endure. This is good advice coming from someone who can no longer befuddle the masses with soothing claptrap about self realization and silly spiritualism.



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