Biden on Obama's 'great achievement' in Iraq

The "let's take credit for something we had nothing to do with" show rolls along for Team Obama. The latest act was veep Biden stating (with nary a hint of irony) on CNN's Larry King is Alive, "Iraq could be this administration's greatest acheivement." You heard it right, not this country's or our military, oh no. He said "this administration." Ya gotta love the humility of these guys.

Man, I've got to pay a visit to the audiologist quickly. I could swear I just heard this from the same guy who all throughout the campaign said (with Obama grinning nearby,) that the Iraq war is one of this country's biggest international mistakes. C'mon Joe, our attention spans aren't that short.

Really now, no matter how far you lean to the left, you have to honestly admit that neither Obama or Biden had anything but contempt and scorn for anything even vaguely related to the Bush administration Iraq policy. Now they want to take credit for the success of the U.S. military and diplomatic efforts there.

This has got to be too rich for even die-hard Team Obama sycophants.


Bill Zwerger