Only 39% of Americans have a favorable personal opinion of Barack Obama

Barack Obama's one remaining asset, his personal reputation, is depreciating rather quickly. A little self-deprecating humor might leaven the somewhat pompous and testy impression more and more Americans are getting. However, he is too vainglorious to engage in any self-reflection and will not listen to any criticism or bear any scrutiny. From a column in the Washington Examiner:
Consider the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. Though 46 percent of Americans still approved of the job he was doing, only 39 percent had a favorable personal opinion of Obama. That's an 11-point drop since July and a 20-point drop since inauguration. For a politician whose success was predicated on a personal brand, that's a catastrophic fall.
How could Barack Obama lose the love? How about serial lying and breaking of promises? How about threats and hectoring? How about stupid comments (using Special Olympics contestants for a joke, depicting policemen doing their job as "acting stupidly")? Add:  insulting a wide variety of groups; spending his days giving speeches; traveling to high profile events; playing golf so much; listening to musical soirees he has started having in the White House; engaging in strong-arming and transparent photo-ops; pressuring allies and emboldening adversaries; indulging in whining (look at the mess I willingly inherited); finger-pointing, name-calling, and using straw men continuously; displaying his dependency on the teleprompter; and engaging in vainglorious behavior that is juvenile and ego-centric (the tape of his speeches given to Queen Elizabeth); the endless face-time and speeches (we are just tuning him out-his speeches have become the voices of parents in Peanuts cartoons).

He hasn't just lost Obama Girl, he is losing the rest of America.

And we have three more years of this punishment.
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