Obama pulls definitional switcheroo on jobs number in stim bill

Note again a change in terminology by the administration to go along with all the other euphemisms:

Only 6 percent of Americans believe the stimulus bill passed a year ago this week has created jobs, a CBS News/New York Times poll reported last week. Six percent. Nearly six times as many Americans believe in ghosts as believe President Obama's jobs claims. It isn't hard to see why. All you have to do is go to the government's own website, www.recovery.gov, and look at the numbers. The site reports 1.2 million jobs funded by the stimulus bill by the end of 2009. Note the terminology. That's jobs funded, not created. The administration switched from jobs "created or saved" to jobs "funded" for accuracy's sake. Or maybe to stop the mockery. Either way, it's a telling methodology.

Since the new coinage "created and saved" was mocked to death, now our government bureaucrats coin yet another one "jobs funded."

Can't the team that brought us the "hope and change" and "transparency" mantra be a bit more honest with us?

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