Obama: 'The campaign is over.' Who says?

The highlight of the Health Care Summit ping-pong match consisted of two barbs flung by Obama and McCain.

President Obama:

Let me just make this point, because we're not campaigning anymore, the election's over.

Sen. McCain:

I'm reminded of that every day.

Obama dissed McCain; and McCain pwned the president (that's internet lingo for ‘personally owned').

For someone who stated, "I won", his lack of confidence is astonishing. Instead of remaining calm in the face of Republicans' digs, Obama squinted his eyes, put on an angry face, and then uttered some snippy remark.

Not campaigning? According to Politico , the president's staff along with Organizing for America has begun ramping up his 2012 campaign. Yesterday, the website posted an article about behind the scenes planning.

For now, the planning consists entirely of private conversations, with Obama aides at all levels indulging occasionally in closed-door 2012 discussions while focusing ferociously on the midterm elections and health care reform, the Democratic sources said.

Obama has given every sign of planning to run again and wants the next campaign to resemble the highly successful 2008 effort.

We must always remember to look at what Obama does, and not what he says; the two rarely match up. All of his speeches and discussions have the flavor of a campaign. Yet, he tells us the election's over.

The campaign never ended. Obama's contradictory rhetoric plagues our system of government.