Newfoundland Premier heads to US for heart surgery

The National Post in Canada is reporting that the Premier of Newfoundland will be having heart surgery - in the USA.   Premier Danny Williams, 59, "...has gone to a renowned expert in the procedure that he needs to have done", but would not reveal the location of the operation or how it would be paid for.

Mr. Williams' decision to leave Canada for the surgery has raised eyebrows over his apparent shunning of Canada's health-care system.

"It was never an option offered to him to have this procedure done in this province," said [deputy premier ] Ms. Dunderdale, refusing to answer whether the procedure could be done elsewhere in Canada.

We're racing to replace our best-in-the-world medical care system with a technologically second-rate and rationed system like Canada's.  Where will all our elitist overlords go then, to get their exclusive perks?  Congress should really think hard about that, while we still have some renowned experts left.