More jumping to conclusions from the left about Austin terror pilot

Knowing it wouldn't take very long, David Jeffers rhetorically asked how long would it take for the left to blame tea partiers for the Austin crash? Stephen Spruiell at National Review has an early round up with some of the usual suspects--New York Times, New York Magazine, Washington Post and Time quickly blaming tea partiers before the flames were put out. More is sure to come.

Of course.

And while they appear to make it look like it's all about anti-government and anti-IRS, they fail to mention his anti-Catholicism, anti-Bushism, anti-capitalism and pro-communism.

I guess it doesn't fit the preferred narrative.

So, was the software engineer and band hobbyist a...leftist because we all know that most techies and musicians are leftists and anti Bush, anti religion?

Or, more accurately, is the (alleged) killer pilot like the (alleged) killer non tenured University of Alabama instructor a deeply disturbed person whose political allegiances have no bearing on their horrific action?