Military controlled by 'a small but powerful subculture of evangelical Christians?'

After the terrorist attack at Ft. Hood by Maj. Nadal Malik Hasan, and news this week of the thwarted plot of the "Fort Jackson Five," new evidence emerges that the media is starting to take the practicing of religious-based extremism in the Army's ranks seriously - but it's not what you think. Katie Drummond of AOL News has the diversionary story:

The Pentagon has been pushing religious tolerance for decades, but several separate incidents in recent months are reinvigorating advocates who worry that the U.S. military is being controlled by a small but powerful subculture of evangelical Christians.

Last year, former NFL player Terry Bradshaw starred in an official military video that espoused "the importance of faith" in combating post-deployment depression. In January, news broke that a Michigan company had been inscribing coded references to the New Testament on high-powered rifle sights sold to the U.S. military. Weeks later, a giant cross was placed in the center of a newly constructed pagan worship site at Colorado's Air Force Academy, built to accommodate practicing Wiccans.

And those are only the incidents that have gone on within our borders. In May, Harper's Magazine published a 13-page expose that included provocative details on war-zone religiosity in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now, advocates for religious equality in the military are speaking out over yet another incident. Focus on the Family, an evangelical group known for its recent Super Bowl ad featuring football star Tim Tebow, has had a lucrative arrangement with the Pentagon to host seminars and marriage conferences for personnel. Next week, at least two bases will partake in an all-day Focus on the Family simulcast being broadcast to 300 churches nationwide.

The juxtaposition of the proposed crackdown on those "extremist" Christians - the very men and women who are defending our right to the free exercise of religion - with the current PC whitewash by the brass over the obvious and deadly infiltration of radical Islam within the armed forces is nothing short of treasonous. We now have further evidence that the Rules of PC only apply to certain protected species and the "fix is in."

If the Army can't - or won't - hold the line against the type of multiculturalism that will get us all killed, then who can?