Graph of the Day for February 17, 2010

"[T]his economic downturn is not your garden-variety recession. It is indeed the ‘Great Recession,' and it is far from over."  Thomas F. Cooley and Peter Rupert at Forbes.

Source:  Thomas F. Cooley and Peter Rupert at Forbes.  HT: Power Line.

Hoven's Index for February 17, 2010

Changes in number of jobs in various employment categories, December 2007 to January 2010:

All non-farm:  -6.1%

All private industry:  -7.4%

Natural resources and mining:  -7.8%

Durable goods:  -19%

Goods producing:  -19%

Construction:  -25%

Government:  +0.42%

Education and health:  +4.3%

Source:  St. Louis Fed.

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