Dems moving through 5 stages of grief over rise of the tea parties

The Democratic and media smear machines have responded to the fast growth of the tea party movement in a variety of ways -- mostly unwelcome ways. One can follow the Kubler-Ross model of the five stages of grief: Defense (this can't be happening to me; deny it is happening); Anger (How can this be happening? It is not Fair); Bargaining; Depression; Acceptance. We are already past the Defense stage. The media and politicians  can no longer ignore the scattered protests because they have been transformed into a nationwide movement.But we are not yet at the bargaining stage, where Democrats would listen to the people and respond to their wishes. But we are well on the way, as a new poll shows approval of Congress at an all-time low. So we seem to be at the Anger stage. The anger of Democratic elites was clear and widespread. How was this anger made manifest? A favorite tactic has been to disparage and mischaracterize Tea Partiers. In essence, to slime them. Tea partiers were...(Read Full Post)