Why has Sarah Palin agreed to campaign for McCain?

Go figure. Why would Sarah Palin agree to stump for McCain in Arizona? She must have learned through hellfire that loyalty in politics is an oxymoron, yet, she can't let it go. She is the real deal. An honest Sarah bemuses the political elites, but at the same time plays right into their power grabbing hands.

Michelle Malkin says in her blog:

At least she has an excuse: She's caught between a loyalty rock and a partisan hard place. The conservative base has no such obligations - and it is imperative that they get in the game (as they did in Massachusetts) before it's too late. The movement to restore limited government in Washington has come too far, against all odds, to succumb to McCain Regression Syndrome now.

John McCain should just stop the endless treadmill he's been on, and call it quits. Malkin writes:

With all due respect to McCain's past noble war service, it's time to head to the pasture. As the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday, he was wrong on the constitutionality of the free-speech-stifling McCain-Feingold campaign finance regulations. He was wrong to side with the junk-science global warming activists in pushing onerous carbon caps on America. He was on the wrong side of every Chicken Little-driven bailout. He was wrong in opposing enhanced CIA interrogation methods that have saved countless American lives and averted jihadi plots. And he was spectacularly wrong in teaming with the open-borders lobby to push a dangerous illegal alien amnesty.

If Massachusetts proved anything, it's that a non-partisan conservative movement has swept over this nation, and the grassroots efforts of ordinary citizens will not allow status quo politicians to come on board unless they show a conversion of heart and embrace the new rules of revolution.

Sarah better cut the ties that bind her to the old way of thinking, and get on with leading the country away from governmental tyranny.