Where's Tina Fey when you need her?

OMG! It seems as if the ever diligent Tina Fey of Saturday Night Live and Charlie Gibson of ABC News missed a great opportunity asking the Martha Coalkley her foreign policy experience. Wow, just think of the mileage they could have gotten from her reply.


believes that having visited her sister who lives abroad counts as foreign policy experience.

And...she can't even spell the name of her state! That should give Ms Fey's impersonation great yucks; Charlie Brown could look over his bifocals even longer as the candidate fumbles to explains the Bush Doctrine based on her overseas familial visit.

Oh? What's that you say Ms. Fey? Mr. Gibson? The candidate is not Governor Sarah Palin (R) but Massachusett(e)s Attorney General Martha Coakley (D) who is running for the Ted Kennedy (D) Memorial Senate seat in that state without the (e) she added?

Oh! Never mind!