Tools for 2010: Contacting GOP Senators

For anyone inclined to write e-mails to Republican senators, here's a list of all of them, the state they represent, and a link to their contact page. Unfortunately, there are no direct e-mail addresses, which would make doing mass e-mails a lot quicker. Instead, you have to use their web forms. But, once you type your template letter, you can copy and paste it. You'll still need to type in your contact info, but this is the most stream lined (and least expensive) way I know of to send something in writing en masse. (If anyone has any better ideas, please share!)

It's a tiny measure in a large effort to turn this boat around.
PS  If you send a snail mail (which is a more powerful form of communication as it represents 10 e-mails), don't send it to DC. Or at least, don't only send it to DC. The mail gets very delayed once it hits the capitol. If you want to communicate via snail mail, make sure you send a letter to at least one of the state offices, if not all of them.

Lamar Alexander, TN

John Barrasso, WY

Bob Bennett, UT

Kit Bond, MO

Sam Brownback, KS

Jim Bunning, KY

Richard Burr, NC

Saxby Chambliss, GA

Tom Coburn, OK

Thad Cochran, MS

Susan Collins, ME

Bob Corker, TN

John Cornyn, TX

Mike Crapo, ID

Jim DeMint, SC

John Ensign, NV

Mike Enzi, WY

Lindsey Graham, SC

Chuck Grassley, IO

Judd Gregg, NH

Orin Hatch, UT

Kay Bailey Hutchison, TX

James M. Inofe, OK

Johnny Isakson, GA

Mike Johanns, NE

Jon Kyl, AZ

George LeMieux, FL

Richard G. Lugar, IN

John McCain, AZ

Mitch McConnell, KY

Lisa Murkowski, AK

James E. Risch, ID

Pat Roberts, KS

Jeff Session, AL

Richard Shelby, Al

Olympia J. Snowe, ME

John Thune, SD

David Vitter, LA

George V. Voinovich, OH

Roger Wicker, MS