The unfriendly skies

Well, the freed Guantanamo terrorists now ensconced in Yemen have succeeded in causing chaos, inconvenience and extra expense in the US. And, aside from physically slaughtering as many of us as possible, that is probably part of their plan.

In the latest example fearsome comedian and hidden terrorist Joan Rivers was denied entry onto a flight from Costa Rica to NY by a diligent ticket agent according  to Nancy Dillon of the NY Daily News because her passport listed both her married name and stage name. (Her passport photo was probably taken before her most recent facelift, another discrepancy which the agent perhaps also noticed.)

Although Rivers adapted to the problem with her trademark humor this incident highlights the difficulties and problems of the new--and necessary--screening procedures. It also highlights how basically futile most of them are.

But hopefully the supply of former Gitmo terrorists now plotting their evil in Yemen is decreasing. Fox News is reporting that White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs announced the transfer of Gitmo prisoners to Yemen has been suspended.

Ninety detainees in Gitmo are from Yemen, which is combating a resurgent Al Qaeda. A delayed return could mean they will end up in a federal prison in Thomson, Illinois, Gibbs said.

"One of the very first things Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula used as a tool was Gitmo," Gibbs said. "We're not going to make transfers to a country like Yemen that they're not capable of handling (the detainees). While we remain committed to closing the detention facility, the determination has been made that right now any additional transfers to Yemen is not a good idea."

Hmm, "right now any additional transfer to Yemen is not a good idea." Good to know some people have finally realized that. Meanwhile the temperature in Thomson, Illinois last night was 2 above, although the inside of the prison is heated. Small comfort to Rivers and all the other travelers though as they shuffle through the long security lines and endure still more time in the airport.