The technology of politcs

Jim DeMint is a US Senator who is aware of the times.  He is very intelligent and has a firm grip on reality (which separates him from the majority in the Senate).  Although I have respected him as a staunch conservative, I have never admired his acumen in the political arena as much as I do now. 

On Tuesday, Mr. DeMint blogged on, cogently stating the rationale for his fight against unionization of the TSA.

This is the beginning of a techno-political wave.  Into our new millennium, it seems apparent now that our politicians will begin to use blogs like Redstate and AT to express their views and defend their positions.  I foresee exchanges between our political leaders and blog commenters concerning issues that affect all Americans.  This is a natural extension of the democratic process into the advancing age of technology, and will allow us all a voice in the American discussion.

I admit I have not read Jim DeMint's book, "Saving Freedom: We can stop America's Slide Into Socialism", since I thought it was somewhat redundant to Mark Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny.  My respect for this man is immensely increased, as he has clearly seen the future and is setting the trend.

Andrew Thomas