The Beck-O'Reilly 'Bold Fresh Tour'

This evening I got to see Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly on their Bold Fresh tour in Tampa. The show is simple in it's format. Each personality presented a monologue that was equally funny and political. There was then a 15 minutes break and both appeared on stage and provided 20 minutes of banter on various subjects. Glenn Beck is the ham of the two, playing to the crowd while O'Reilly paced back and forth like a teacher in front of a lecture hall. Both were funny and relevant.

Items that stick out in my mind from the night.

I had to pass a sparse number of protesters (10 people perhaps?) to get into the venue. I was surprised, especially considering the fact that the only news organization that even present a right of center point of view is Fox. It seems that any thought other than liberal orthodoxy is going to attract some sort of protest now days.

The venue was filled with excited people. Folks were angry at the government, angry at their politicians and angry at the media. Both O'Reilly and Beck brought some much needed humor to a lot of people who were down about the direction the country has been moving in. A lot of the people around me in the audience were upset about a lot of issues when they walked in, but smiling and laughing when they walked out. They also left more motivated.

The left has ignited a grassroots fire that continues to build across the country. Beck and O'Reilly are there fanning those flames with wit and humor. Based on what I saw in Tampa, that fire is going to consume the left and progressives are going to find themselves on the short end of the electoral stick this fall.

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