Stephanoupolos acknowledges First Person bent of the First Person President.

Prior to his State of the Union Address, the First-Person-Pronoun President met with select members of the media for an off-the-record luncheon.  ABC News' George Stephanopoulos reported that the president was upbeat, and summed up the Chief Pronoun's priorities thusly:

The White House has three major objectives with the speech:

1. Remind people that this was never going to be easy. Economic recovery takes time.
2.  We shouldn't expect to see any kind of apology from the president tonight.   He'll express his commitment to his vision for the country and what he wants to accomplish.
3. Remind Americans that he's not insulated from how people are feeling during difficult times.

Take note that, according to Loyal Leftist Stephanopoulos, 66.7% of the First Person's priorities are: 1.) Offer no apology for driving us into the ditch because everyone knows his eyesight is better than ours; and, 2.) The First Pronoun needs for us to know that He was also hurt (spiritually) when some drunken driver rammed Him into a ditch in Massachusetts.

Repeat the mantra (calmly): "ME, MY, MINE; (deep breath) "ME, MY, MINE......"

The actual substance of the speech is less significant than the pre-cognition of His devotees. 

John Peeples is a recovering lawyer who now kills pests (insects) for a living.
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