'Silent majority' silent no more

Scott Brown's victory in the special election for "The People's Seat" vacated when Sen. Edward Kennedy passed away in August is another sign that a counter establishment movement has begun in earnest among the voters of America. This movement had been waiting to take root for a couple of years now & to some extent President Obama was correct when he said the angst that got him elected is the same angst that got Sen. Brown elected.

Unfortunately for his presidency, Mr. Obama didn't realize this until 10:00 PM EST Tuesday night. Until then he was still deluding himself that his Nov. 2008 election was some sort of a mandate for a far left liberal agenda, which, his lack of sway in 3 major elections this year clearly indicates it wasn't. Indeed Mr. Obama & the rest of the Democratic majority completely misread the message of the last 2 election cycles. The electorate has a throw the bums out mentality & it was not a mandate to enact their radical socialist policies.

When you talk to the people who voted for Mr. Obama, a great many of them express what can only be called voters remorse. They believed his rhetoric about being an outsider willing to govern from the center & they trusted he would be the uniter he pledged to be on the campaign trail. Two months in to his term the disappointment began to take hold & the uneasiness gave rise to the once silent majority (independent non-affiliated voters) becoming silent no more.

The Democratic majority's own arrogance, insulting attitude & general let them eat cake mentality displayed toward the "Town Hollerers" & Tea Party Members / Bagger's , did more to galvanize this movement than anything else. So for now Progressive Democrats have become the focus of their immediate ire. But make no mistake, progressive GOP members who show a willingness to horse trade on Cap & Trade legislation or another Amnesty for Illegal Aliens bill will soon find out that Progressive Democrats are not the only congress members who run the risk of being swept from power .

Members of either party especially progressive GOP members like John McCain & Lyndsey Graham who continue to support these foolish & detrimental progressive policies like Man Made Climate Change / Cap & Trade initiatives or another incarnation of a Kennedy McCain Amnesty Bill should be vigorously challenged in a Primary. Should they make it through that election they should be most vigorously challenged again in their states general election.

The real message being sent by this non-violent revolution currently taking place in this country, is we want a responsible smaller government that keeps us safe, protects our borders, advances the needs of the naturalized citizen first, while always being as minimally intrusive on our constitutional rights as possible & if you try to ram your party's extreme agenda because you assume you have a mandate, you run the risk of being the next Corzine, Deeds or Coakley.

Bob Grant
Lifelong Massachusetts resident & Scott Brown Supporter
Producer & head of research staff for "The Ken Pittman Radio Show" AM 1420 WBSM