Punishing adolescents the Saudi way

While US parents and school administrators react with great unease as US teen agers blithely indulge in sexting both in and out of class plus other rambunctious behavior their equivalents in Saudi Arabia deal with the problem differently.

Britain's Daily Mail tells us how.

A 13-year-old Saudi schoolgirl is to be given 90 lashes in front of her classmates after she was caught with a mobile camera phone.

The girl, who has not been named, was also sentenced to two months in jail by a court in the eastern city of Jubail.

She had assaulted her headmistress after being caught with the gadget which is banned in girl schools, said Al-Watan, a Saudi newspaper. The kingdom's use of such punishments has been widely condemned by human rights organisations. (snip) The punishment is harsher than

tha (sic) dished out to some robbers and looters. Saudi Arabia is the world's leading country in the use of torture-by-flogging, public beheadings and publicly crucifying condemned prisoners.

The country crucified two people in 2009, including one in the capital Riyadh during President Barak Obama's visit last April.

In September, 20 Saudi teenagers who ransacked shops and restaurants were publicly flogged.

The paper helpfully concludes its article with an interesting reminder, that "Most of the hijackers in the September 11 attacks in 2001 came from Saudi Arabia."

Hmmm, I suppose most American parents and schools will not adopt the Saudi method.

Thank goodness.