Polar Ice Caps Melting!

The Watts Up With That website has a scary story about our melting polar ice caps. John Lockwood from Washington D.C. found an interesting article from the Washington Post.  Here are some excerpts:

The Arctic seems to be warming up.  Reports ... all point to a radical change in climatic conditions, and hitherto unheard of high temperatures in that part of the earth's surface.

Ice conditions were exceptional. In fact, so little ice has never before been noted. Dr. Hoel reports that he made a section of the Gulf Stream at 81 degrees north latitude and took soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters. These show the Gulf Stream very warm, and it could be traced as a surface current till beyond the 81st parallel.

Where formerly great masses of ice were found, there are now often moraines, accumulations of earth and stone. At many points where glaciers formerly extended far into the sea they have entirely disappeared.

Oh, I almost forgot to add: The article was written in 1922.  See the whole story here

Hat tip: John McMahon