Panel votes for Gitmo prisoner transfer the same day three convicts escape IL prison

Gateway Pundit sums up still yet another reason why transferring Gitmo internees, allegedly guilty of overseas man made unpleasantness, to a new, empty prison in Thomson, Illinois is such a bad idea.

Illinois Panel Votes in Favor of Gitmo Plan On Same Day That 3 Federal Prisoners Escape Illinois Prison


As a bonus, he adds another problem courtesy of

Founding Bloggers has a map that shows how close the Midwest Gitmo is to a nuclear power plant.

Uh oh!

By the way, just why does Illinois conveniently happen to have a new, empty prison? The prison was built to relieve overcrowding in other prisons other tax and spend states the Illinois ran out of money to actually run it. You know for things like guards, heat, food, electricity. And so there it sits on the agrarian wind swept plains of Illinois.

But what about the criminals who are sentenced to prison? Where are they? Are the poor things sentenced to Illinois' overcrowded prisons?

Ah, but this is Illinois. The ACLU deemed overcrowded prisons a violation of prisoners' rights. And thus, the troubling details as revealed story by the Chicago Tribune.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn suspended a second early release program for state prisoners Tuesday as he faces unrelenting criticism over violent inmates who were secretly set free after just weeks behind bars.

The newly halted plan was announced in September as a way to cut costs. It is separate from a secret release program known as "MGT Push" that Quinn ceased after it came to light last month. (snip) But the governor put the brakes on it because of fallout over MGT Push. The Associated Press reported last month that a secret policy change meant inmates with short sentences were no longer held for a minimum of 61 days and were given months of good-conduct credit upfront, before displaying any conduct.

That resulted in offenders -- Quinn announced last week the total was more than 1,700 -- being released after as little as three weeks behind bars, despite committing crimes such as aggravated battery and weapons violations.

Some of those released violent prisoners, not so surprisingly, returned to their old violent way of life of murder and assault.

So let's recap. There is already a prison in Guantanamo holding uh, detainees, in an escape proof location, surrounded by an ocean. Illinois has an empty prison awaiting criminals who commit crimes in Illinois but somehow can't scrape up enough money to run it despite/because of its high taxes and high corruption so violent prisoners are set free. So for some reason the Guantanamo prisoners are to be transferred to Illinois. And Illinois criminals? I know, let's transfer them from freezing, snowy, gray Illinois to the sunny climes of the suddenly emptied Guantanamo and provide them with art therapy a la the oh so (un)successful Saudi program to rehabilitate terrorists and then everyone will be happy.

What could possibly be wrong with that?