One more from Game Change on Obama

I'll ask the same thing Ed Lasky has been asking about this book; the MSM made a huge deal of how the McCain campaign saw Sarah Palin and what they were saying about her, quoting liberally - and gleefully - from the book.

But in the first 40 pages there are several eye popping accounts of how Obama was seen by his own staff and allies, including this one Ed Lasky sent along:

After his election as Senator a lot of requests came in for him to speak..many of them fundraisers for other candidates. They required registration systems be set up that allowed Obama to get the email of all attendees for someone else's event. But that is a digression. His aides were "praying it wouldn't go to Obama's head; his ego was robust enough already. They even conferred on the senator a new nickname: Black Jesus."

Arrogant, sensitive to slights, bored with his job in the senate, and someone with a messianic self-image; a cold, calculating Chicago pol - all of this is of no interest to the MSM?

The Gatekeepers have been working very hard to ignore this.

More coverage of  Obama in the book here and here .

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