Obama gives pro-abortion, anti-Catholic nominee a second chance

What does President Obama have against the Catholic Church?  After all, a majority of Catholic voters helped put him in office.  Notre Dame University welcomed him with open arms, and inexplicably, is still holding 88 pro-life protestors hostage by refraining from asking prosecutors to drop the charges against them. 

You would think he'd be grateful for the church's support. On the contrary, he's a brazen opportunist, and abortion sympathizer. 

Last year, Obama nominated Dawn Johnsen to head the Office of Legal Counsel in the Department of Justice; the Senate returned Obama's nomination in December because she was so unpopular.  

But now, she's back on the 2010 confirmation list thanks to Obama's persistence.

According to Ken Blackwell writing for townhall.com

Johnsen goes much further in her pro-abortion militancy than even the Clintons, than even President Obama. She worked for years to strip the Catholic Church of its tax-exempt status. Why? Because the Catholic Church has never wavered in its outspoken defense of unborn children. Dawn Johnsen was part of the Abortion Rights Mobilization (ARM ) that fought a legal battle for eight years in the courts.

ARM's assault on religious liberty and free speech was the brainchild of Lawrence Lader, the co-founder of NARAL, for whom Johnsen also worked. Lader said "abortion is central to everything in life and how we want to live it." Johnsen's record puts her very much in that camp. She has even likened pregnancy to slavery.

Johnsen has also worked for the ACLU in her anti-life crusade.

By placing a woman like Johnsen into a position overseeing policy for the entire federal government, Obama goes beyond reckless endangerment; he threatens the viability of the Catholic Church in America.  Johnsen will not be checking her radical anti-religious, pro-abortion agenda at the door of the DoJ.  She will continue to work toward shutting down religious institutions and anyone else opposed to abortion. 

Why do some people hate so much?