Noticing the liberal view on race

Liberals are always telling us that they are pure, enlightened, and post racial, while tagging conservatives with the "racist" epithet every time they get the opportunity

If we didn't vote for Obama, we are racist.

If we disagree with Obama's agenda, we are racist.

If we attend town hall meetings to protest reckless government policies and spending, we are racist.

If we drive pick up trucks, that is a "code" for racism. (Keith Olbermann of MSNBC implied this about Scott Brown on January 20, 2010).

If we attend tea parties, we are racist. Chris Matthews, also of MSNBC, once said of the tea parties, that "...they're all white, all of them, every single one of them is white." (Not true, big guy).

Now, Matthews has outdone himself. After the State of the Union speech, he said "...You know, I forgot he was black tonight for an hour."

Whoa!! Hold on there, big fellow; you are going too fast for me. My head is swimming. You are telling us he is black, but you didn't notice he is black. How, exactly does that work?

Do you notice a pattern here?

The liberal elites are always preaching to the benighted masses about how enlightened they are. It goes something like this.

"Hello, there, person of color. I want you to know that I consider you the same as me ... except that you are black and I am white, of course. But I don't really notice that, and it doesn't matter, because we are equals ...except I have an Ivy League degree and you went to a state school. Other than that, we are on a completely equal footing ...except that I have this super seven figure income that results from my superior education and intelligence and you have this hum drum, average existence, working in an average, dead end job."

"By repeatedly insisting that they are post racial, they are telling us they are obsessed with race."