More on Obama from Game Change

This book by page 30 (where I am at) comes down pretty hard on Obama. Aside from today's post, just a couple of pages later he describes how bored he was with the Senate.



The glacial pace, the endless procedural wrangling, the witless posturing and petifoggery, the geriatric cast of characters doddering around the place: all of it drove him nuts. To one friend in Chicago, Obama complained,


"It is basically the same as Springfield except the average age in Springfield is forty-two and in Washington it's sixty-two. Other than that, it's the same bullshit".


After listening to Biden during a committee hearing, Obama passed a note to Gibbs that read "Shoot me now".


Time and again after debates on the floor, he would emerge through the chamber's double doors shaking his head, rolling his eyes, using both hands to give the universal symbol for the flapping of gums, sighing wearily, "Yak, yak, yak".



My question: why has the media ignored, at least so far, this unflattering portrait of our President?


This , of course, reflects why he tramples the Constitution, congressional rules, traditions, engages in bullying and bribery, loopholes, etc. to push through his policies. Why should he care about other people or institutions (or checks and balances) because that is all so boring. No wonder he just cannot stop giving speeches and making appearances on television, in front of crowds, down Broadway-because that is ...what's fun?