Mitchell's Way

George Mitchell seems to have a way to get the PA and Israel talking again.  But first, it requires a few confidence building measures.  Here are a list of the measures:

1. The transfer of authority from the Israeli army to the Palestinians in more of the West Bank's territory, 

2. The removal of some Israeli checkpoints

3. The release of a number of Palestinian prisoners.

4.  Israel would cease military operations in Area A of the West Bank, which is under full Palestinian control

5. Israel's army is to pull back from some parts of Area B, which is under Palestinian civil control

6.   Palestinian security forces would be allowed to enter Area C, which is under complete Israeli military control. 

7.  Israel would also ease sanctions on Hamas-ruled Gaza.

Do any of you see a pattern, in terms of who is asked to make the confidence building gestures?  Lest we forget, Israel has already agreed, as a result of heavy US pressure, to halt all settlement building for ten months in all of the West Bank.