Media Matters Debunks Simpson

It would be funny were it not so pathetic. No, I take that back. It is hilarious, knee-slapping, laugh-out-loud funny, and I have been laughing about it since I found out about it. Fellow examiner, Jim Kouri, (Law Enforcement Examiner) alerted me to the fact that Media Matters, the leftwing, Soros-funded, media lapdog, er watchdog, had taken me and others to task over reportage on universal voter registration.

The issue was John Fund's naming of Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) as pushing universal voter registration legislation along with point man, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Fund said this in a recorded panel discussion at David Horowitz's Restoration Weekend last November. I cited Fund's remarks in an article published on these pages in early January. Now there is no dispute that universal voter registration legislation is being contemplated and that Chuck Schumer has been its main instigator, but when Frank subsequently objected to being identified with it, Fund corrected himself that he had meant to say "John Conyers."

Oh. My. God!

Media Matters was breathless. The venerable Wall Street Journal reporter John Fund caught in a lie! A lie! Fund lied! Yes he did, he lied! He said it was Barney Frank but it was really Congressman John Conyers (D-MI)!!!

And James Simpson repeated the lie! Yes, he did! He did! Others repeated the lie. The Washington Times repeated the lie. Rush repeated the lie. Glenn Beck repeated the lie! And you know what Lenin said about repeating a lie enough. The lie was repeated and repeated in a Republican attempt to associate Barney Frank with....  Chuck Schumer??

Oh, the inhumanity of it!

Media Matters found indisputable proof: the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is alive and well! Yeah, and we just invaded Massachusetts too!

This isn't all. In a feeble attempt to cast doubt on Fund's integrity after he issued his correction, Media Mattes sniffed that Fund "offered no proof" that it was in fact Conyers.

No proof.

Well here's a little clue for the clueless idiots at Media Matters. The people you carry water for lie consistently. They lie endlessly. They never offer proof. They never offer apologies. They never correct or even acknowledge mistakes. They never so much as return phone calls; unless it is to lapdogs like you who will unquestioningly repeat whatever the line du jour is. And in case you missed the big clue you just got from Massachusetts, we are sick to death of it!

Genuine media watchdogs, like Cliff Kincaid and the folks at Accuracy in Media, or Brent Bozell and his Media Research Center, do their own research, real research. They uncover facts, real facts. They expose lies, real lies. They expose hypocrisy, dishonesty, corruption - even treason. Your Party is rife with it.

But they don't get help from anybody.

It is not John Fund's job to prove anything to you. He made an honest mistake as we all do from time to time and admitted it. That is his responsibility -- not to you, but to his audience and himself -- and he kept it. You integrity challenged morons put yourselves up as a media "watchdog." If that is what you really are -- not just the paid shills of the George Soros left - then prove it. Try doing some real work for a change.

Notice what I haven't said thus far. Media Matters never disputed the substance of the charge: i.e. that universal voter registration will be proposed this year. Nor did they deny Chuck Schumer was behind it.


I learned of Fund's error sometime after publishing my first article on the subject. Okay, Media Matters, here it is. Are you ready? I'm sorry. I did and do confess to repeating what Fund said, and no I didn't bother to check if Frank was really Schumer's co-conspirator.

Since all is done behind closed doors anyway, who knows? It could be Schumer's Lhasa Apso for all I know. Oh there I go again! No I don't know if it was the dog or if he even has one.

Usually I'd issue a correction in the article. But I'm not even going to bother. You know why?

Because it doesn't matter.

Democrat politicians are almost all the same. Oh, okay, there are some differences. John Conyers is an addled, mindless, incompetent and probably seditious idiot who can demonstrate how wonderful his beloved socialism has worked by showing off his home district: Detroit, (though I doubt if he's been there for years.) Barney Frank is, well, Barney Frank. I'm sure it doesn't matter that this Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee had a "cozy" relationship with a top Fannie Mae executive when he was on the House Banking Committee. No conflict of interest or potential for corruption there, nah! It certainly didn't influence his defense of Fannie Mae later.

Be it Barney Frank or John Conyers, George Miller (D-CA), Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Jack Murtha (D-PA) or whoever. Take your pick. They are all self-serving, corrupt, lying, destructive, seditious, conceited, impossibly grandiose, parasitic slugs. (No offense to slugs intended.). Any and all would (will) get behind this legislation when they think the timing is right because its passage would help Democrats. And after January 19th, they are going to need all the help they can get. No wonder that when confronted with the facts they want to shut us up!

But back to Media Matters. Even the comments were idiotic. One clown arrogantly stated that we "never really make a serious case for why it would be a bad idea." Ahh, he obviously didn't read my piece. In fact it is now a series of articles that offer numerous examples of how universal voter registration could, and probably will, be used to game the system. Given the amount of fraud in government programs already, it should be fairly obvious to anyone who considers the idea even for a few minutes. If that isn't enough, all one needs do is note that many of the same people pushing this were behind Motor Voter, which has provided rampant opportunities for fraud. They are also the ones trying to prevent states from enacting laws requiring proof of identification to vote. How could anyone oppose this who wants to maintain integrity in the voting system?

If that isn't enough, consider this: voting is our right, but it is also one of the most important, if not the most important responsibilities we have as citizens. There are no longer any serious impediments to registering to vote. If someone is too lazy or careless to even bother to register, can we really expect that he/she understands or even cares what his vote means? Do we really even want that person to vote? I don't.

The entire leftist agenda can be summed up as: "let government do it for you." That agenda has brought this country to near ruin. And they want to extend it to voting. Remarkable.

I did thank Media Matters for the plug however. To the extent anyone actually reads their crap, or for that matter, to the extent leftists actually read anything, it may have driven a little traffic to my website.
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