Liberal assault on education

According to various polls, many educators at all levels consider themselves to be liberal. This political ideology often makes its way into the classroom.

While some liberal educators do a good job at educating students, it is unfortunate that others are more interested in promoting their political views. Various news stories in the fall of 2009 highlighted elementary teachers leading students in singing praises to the Obama administration.

The textbooks educators use are often a tool of indoctrination reflecting their ideologies. When a particular text teaches something contrary to that ideology, the educator often avoids the topic.

Texas is currently undergoing debates on the content of textbooks for public schools that may have dramatic implications for everyone. Fox News says that book publishers develop material for the rest of the nation based on Texas.

Bias within education is found at institutions of higher learning also. While universities are considered a market place of ideas, some professors try to limit those that are in opposition to their own. One way this is done is by limiting source material a student uses in writing research papers.

Limiting material for a class doesn't give students a good overview of the topics covered. If students aren't allowed to present information contrary to professors, education as a whole suffers.

An example of this is a class I recently completed at my university. The class was to cover a certain period within American history. However, a large part of the class included the professor pushing political ideology.

We heard stories about the neighborhood where George Bush bought his house after leaving office, and how that Dick Cheney went to college to avoid serving in Vietnam. We heard lectures on how evil and imperialistic America is and if the state government didn't give more money to universities, tuition was going to dramatically increase.

Those who control education control the future of the country. Stopping students from challenging ideas presented to them can have a dramatic negative impact upon education. Students should be given the complete story of topics that are covered by the education system.

Not giving students the complete picture within an area of study can affect our nation as well since the decisions they make in life may be based upon biased information.

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