Intel officials knew about lawyering up underwear bomber

President Obama may soon feel as much heat as Detroit's now famous underwear bomber. With senators such as Joe Lieberman demanding that Mr. Abdulmutallab be tried in military courts rather than federal ones, there's an out break of "finger pointing" as to how and why he was lawyered up like a party store robber in the first place.

Meanwhile, a law enforcement source told the Free Press that Abdulmutallab was charged on Dec. 25 after discussions with intelligence officials - including agencies whose heads told a Senate committee last week that they weren't consulted.

A Homeland Security official said the Justice Department already had decided before those conversations to charge Abdulmutallab.

"There is a difference between being informed and being consulted," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

American's are clearly aghast at the president's nonchalant, let's make a deal with'em, attitude on terrorism. Interestingly, in the Massachusetts Senate race--of all places--Scott Brown scored big points with voters with his get tough--or sensible--approach. Mr. Obama is sure to feel the pressure to change course on this case and the KSM trial in New York.

It's another no-win situation for the post-partisan president; the liberals will detest a policy change, while main street will demand it. The GOP can certainly sore big on national security in the November elections.

Bill Weckesser
East Lansing, MI