Hillary accused Obama of cheating in primaries

More little tidbits from the book "Game Change" out today in many bookstores.

This one via Jim Hoft:

Here's the latest piece of scum to float to the surface...
A book published today by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin The Race of a Lifetime reveals that Hillary Clinton accused Obama of cheating during their historic 2008 campaign race.

This is a pretty serious charge. Let's see if the US media covers it.
Founding Bloggers discovered this nugget from the Times Online report today:

Hillary Clinton is depicted - and quoted - as foul-mouthed and consumed with anger over what she saw as the media's kid-gloved treatment of Mr Obama. She was convinced that he had cheated at the start of their marathon primary contest by bringing in outsiders to vote in the Iowa caucuses, and when it was over she was supremely reluctant to work for him, the authors claim.

How dare she accuse Obama of cheating!
What proof does she have that the ACORN King would cheat in an election.
The absolute gall of that woman.

This is one morsel the gossip mongering press seems to have missed. At the time of the caucuses, many Hillary supporters were livid with the tactics of the Obama crew at many sites when they routinely denied entry to Hillary supporters. Same thing happened in Nevada and other caucus states.

But this is the first we've heard about Obama busing in Chicagoans to vote in the Iowa caucuses. Could it be that the reason we're not reading about it elsewhere is that it rings true?

Hat Tip: Ed Lasky