From leader to laughingstock


Well, President Obama continues going from leader to laughingstock by continually bowing, metaphorically speaking, to the Iranian mullahs

He said at one time there was a September deadline for Iran to show its bona fides regarding negotiating over its nuclear program.

Then that slipped to an end of the year deadline

Then it slipped into the second half of February, 2010, when the issue supposedly was to be taken up with the UN Security Council.

And now, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton informs us there is no such thing as a deadline and never was. As this AP article in the New York Times informs us, the administration is still committed to initiating "dialog" with Iran regardless of their response on Iran's nuclear program.

"Crippling" sanctions become "mild" sanctions .


I read that Obama was a poker player; I think he would get his clock cleaned at poker He does not know how to play the game, how to call and raise-but he sure shows his tells.