Ditch the 'smoking gun' standard, Mr. President

A smoking gun means that bullets have been fired. If bullets have been fired they have been directed towards a particular target intended to destroy that target. Our current administration continues to insist that a smoking gun is necessary to implicate a serious terrorist threat -- excuse me, man-made disaster. Does Mr. Obama need another 9/11 to wake up from his Hawaiian dream world? Well it seems that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's attempt to bring down Northwest Flight 253 over Detroit is enough to create some action; for now.

In the wake of the potential disaster on Christmas Day of 2009 the Obama administration insisted that everything was done correctly according to current regulations, but maybe some new measures need to be taken. Really? No way! The administration has been taking an extremely lackadaisical approach to securing our nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The smoking gun policy needs to be forgotten otherwise it will become known as the "Sorry It's To Late Now" policy. The horrible attacks on America on September 11, 2001 proved that a smoking gun translates to American lives lost.

Now airline security is finally being ramped up, at least according to some officials. People are being checked more thoroughly and more people are being added to the no-fly list each day. Travelers should feel safer, but somehow at Newark International Airport, a terminal was shut down for hours because an unknown man somehow strolled into the terminal through an exit. The TSA still has not been able to identify who the perpetrator was, but Ann Davis, the TSA spokeswoman, puts our mind at rest by saying, as the Star-Ledger reported today, "It's an empty corridor that arriving passengers depart through... It's meant to be one way, and one way only. There are signs that say no re-entry beyond this point." Signs. Signs, and one distracted TSA official monitoring a wide open corridor.

It is time for all Americans to ask, "Mr. President, what are you thinking?! We Americans love our nation and want you to do something to protect us!" Unfortunately this administration plans unscheduled photo shoots of Air Force One over Ground Zero. I was evacuated from my building in Jersey City when that happened, and watched people run for their lives as they feared a 9/11 repeat. Our President continued his vacation after this latest threat. At least Mrs. Obama took the situation seriously by saying, "I'm trying to mount a coup" when the Obama's were asked about leaving Hawaii by Jeff Mason, a Reuters reporter.

Mr. President, I ask you as an American, to please do whatever it takes to keep America safe. Do not waste time accepting an undeserved Nobel Peace Prize, conducting beer summits, debating "climate change" while the world is experiencing our worst winter in years, fighting the "evil people" on Wall Street, and sipping tropical drinks while golfing in Hawaii on my tax dollars. You NEED to be doing your job and protecting my country and my fellow Americans. A smoking gun is too late, because if there is a smoking gun it could mean that there is nothing left to defend.

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