Anthrax case falls apart

In yet another chapter of your FBI in Peace and War, the FBI is proven off base--this timme in its assessment of who was behind the anthrax attacks in September 2001:

Michael Barone reports in the washington Examiner :

Here's some news I missed.Edward Jay Epstein reported on December 21 that the FBI's anthrax case has fallen apart. In 2008 the FBI declared that Dr. Bruce Ivins, who died an apparent suicide in July 2008, was the perpetrator who sent anthrax-laced letters to members of Congress and others just days after the September 11 attacks. The FBI's investigation, apparently the most lengthy it had ever conducted, was directed primarily at scientists who had access to anthrax materials. But, Epstein reports, it turns out that Dr. Ivins did not have access to the sophisticated form of anthrax used in September 2001.

It seems that question was one they should have answered before they started draining ponds and tracking Dr. Ivins.