A Response to the president's State of the Union speech

There are so many things I found objectionable with President Obama's State of the Union Address I don't know where to begin. I'm guessing our military personnel & their families noticed that it was left up to the Republican Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell in his GOP response to thank the men & women in the Armed Forces of America for the sacrifices they make every day to provide the security President Obama apparently takes so much for granted.

I'm not sure I can remember a time when a Commander-in-Chief with troops actively engaging the enemy on several fronts, failed to thank the brave people who risk their lives to keep this nation safe. Hell Obama didn't even see fit to mention them for an hour, and then it seemed as though it was an afterthought.

Sadly he didn't even have the military in mind when he said he wants to wave student loans for anyone who opts for a career in "public service". As anyone who watched the "Discussion on Public Service " Candidate Obama had with Senator McCain last year at Columbia College knows; when Mr. Obama speaks about public service he is referring to people who go to college and then proceed on to becoming members of elected government. Whether as an elected official or a hack appointee, make no mistake, Mr. Obama doesn't for one instant think he's referring to the Grunt in the dirt or the loader in the tank, when he speaks about waving the student debts of "those who choose a life of public service".

Mr. Obama has no intention nor inclination to make the pivot right. He is a man consumed with the passion of his ideology, convinced that he is right & that he and his ilk know what this country needs. He talks about education reform as though there is not a school district in America that is performing well. His statist mentality was never more on display then when he said "The best solution for poverty is a world class education"

Maybe it's me, but shouldn't good parenting, strong family values & instilling a strong work ethic in a child have something to do with said child's economic future? Apparently Mr. Obama believes that teachers are ultimately the people who should raise our children. (So much for Mrs. Clinton's Villagers.) To be quite honest I'm not really sure Mr. Obama understands exactly what the American people now expect of him. I say that because he acts as though he is still campaigning, an electoral Peter Pan if you will.

He insists that our war with the unnamed adversaries will end on his time table. Though they were the invited guests of his wife, Mr. Obama didn't acknowledge the 2 police Officers who took down Maj. Hasan Nidal that bloody day at Ft Hood. He arrogantly refuses to revisit his Man Mad Climate Change agenda, (despite the mountain of corrupt data emerging via the climategate scandal). He is unwilling to drop the laughable assertion of jobs that have been saved of created by his Stimulus Bill. & In what may be one of the most audacious pieces of B.S. ever uttered in a room that's seen plenty of Bulls. Mr. Obam pledged to save or create another 1.5 million jobs with a second Jobs Bill.

My impression of Mr. Obama is that he is a complete ideologue & anyone who doesn't agree with him utterly is instantly cast as a member of the opposition. As such I was skeptical when the pundits said Mr. Obama would read the political tea leaves & out of necessity pivot to the center? Tonight I know it was never an option. For when you don't respect that there is such a thing as middle ground, a place for ideas other than your own, you will not go looking for it.

Bob Grant
Producer & Head of research for The Ken Pittman Radio Show
AM 1420 WBSM wbsm.com