A new recruiting tool

The Obama administration is evidently obsessed with their goal of closing the Guantanamo detention facility because the radical left hates the idea that it was created under the Bush administration, and anything connected with the man who stole the 2000 election from former Vice-President Albert "Is-it-Getting-Hot-Or-Is-It-Just-Me?" Gore must be inherently evil.

Of course the Obama administration will never acknowledge that it is bowing to pressure from the MoveOn.org and HuffingtonPost branches of the Liberal/Progressive/Democrats (LPDs). It tries to explain its monomania as a strategy to eliminate the ability of Al Qaeda or similar jihadist terrorists to use Gitmo as a "recruiting tool". Right. Sure. Of course.

Obama shows the same weakness in his handling of every single issue that comes across his desk. He actually believes the PR spin that routinely comes from Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod. These two LPDs are convinced that given enough time, Barak Obama can exert enough pressure through unending speeches to get our enemies to surrender in exchange for a guarantee that he shut-the-hell-up.

But when he talks, and thinks he's being Presidential, he generally makes matters worse. So much for the effectiveness of that brilliant strategy.

Take the case of the Christmas airline terrorist (oops, I meant to say the alleged man-caused disaster suspect), Mr. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. President Obama has directed, in accord with his longstanding view that attempted mass murder of American citizens by a foreign national who has ties to radical islamist/jihadist terror organizations is simply a criminal act (like, say, jaywalking), that he be read his Miranda rights, be allowed to "lawyer up" and shut up, and effectively thumb his nose at the 300 people that he tried to murder.

As an aside for all you LPDs who are reading this and feel that using the phrase "thumb his nose" shows a lack of sensitivity to issues of cultural diversity, please keep in mind that I really, really, REALLY don't care if you're offended. The last time I checked the Constitution, there is no mention of a right to be protected from being offended. However, in the classic words of Thomas Jefferson, Mr. Abdulmutallab tried to deny 300 people the "right to life". I think that trumps you're right not to be offended. And my concern is that right to life. Even yours.

I realize that many LPDs do not feel threatened by the possibility that another terrorist bomber might not be quite as inept as the scion of Nigerian wealth that only set himself on fire rather than succeeding in his attempted bombing. Of course it might just be possible that they feel secure because they fly on (huge carbon footprint) private jets.

The Obama administrations handling of this affair has created a powerful new recruiting tool for Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and the other groups of anti-American hate groups in the middle east. He is telling them that they are much better off attacking innocents in the American homeland than they would be attacking soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan. In the former case, you end up in an admittedly small cell, with admittedly less than four-star meals. In the latter case, you end up with a coffin. If there's enough of you left.

Now, even the most devout, extreme, psychotic jihadist is going to look at the choices offered and will most likely call up their travel agents for one way tickets to America, even if they're forced to fly tourist. Actually they'll probably fly to Mexico, since we've done everything but email them the new manuals that TSA will be using for anyone flying directly into the United States. After that they can just stroll across the border.

So, President Obama, now that you've taken control of General Motors, you can feel free to give the jihadists and Islamic fascists an old advertising line to use in their recruiting efforts. "See the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet!" Now that's a recruiting tool.