'Welcome to the Piltdown Institute of Mann-Made Global Warming'

That's how the Telegraph headlines a story about the present state of ClimateGate. The author, Gerald Warner, indicates that he believes the "investigations" undertaken at the University of East Anglia, home of the warmist ringleader Phil Jones and Penn State University, home of the the inventor of the hockey stick, Professor Mann, are apparent whitewashes. But he concludes that other scientists are now coming out of the woodwork to condemn the scam and the public seems to be catching on:

[T]he startling development is that, slowly, inch by inch, the mainstream media in America are being forced to address Climategate. Even ABC has now run an even-handed debate on the revelations. One of the causes of this new realism, after 12 days, has been the number of senior scientists breaking ranks to denounce the scandal and express reservations about AGW. The comic singers at East Anglia made a fetish of "peer review": they should see some of the reviews their activities are now receiving from their peers in America.
But other comic singers are coming forward to take their place (and I don't mean those great Minnesotans singing "Hide the decline!"). As Copenhagen draws closer, coinciding with an exponential growth in AGW scepticism thanks to the Piltdown Institute at UEA, some fanatics have decided to up the ante. The recent prediction by Professor Kevin Anderson, Director of the Tyndall Centre, that unless Copenhagen produces massive results there will be 8.5 billion deaths has provoked much hilarity in America.

Some of that was based on the consideration that the global population is currently 6.8 billion. But what Anderson said was: "If you have got a population of nine billion by 2050 and you hit [temperature increases of] 4C, 5C or 6C, you might have half a billion surviving." Clearly the principle is: if the public are laughing at dodgy climate predictions, ramp up the scare. You have to feel sorry for sophisticated AGW propagandists such as George Monbiot, who must have his head despairingly in his hands over this kind of fruitcake prediction: for him, it must be like Alastair Campbell listening to an utterance by John Prescott.

Fruitcake Stakes. I like that. Maybe American Thinker should collect the most preposterous of the AGW claims.

Clarice Feldman