Update on Fort Hood heroine

While American Muslims react to violent hate crimes committed by their fellow American Muslims by transitioning into professional victims , whining about non existent threats against them, a genuine American victim of American Muslim hate is valiantly carrying on.

Sgt Kimberly Munley suffered such severe bullet wounds to her leg as she helped stop Major Dr. Nidal Hasan's massacre of Armed Forces personnel at Fort Hood last month that she will no longer be able to physically continue her job as a civilian police officer reports Angela K. Brown of AP .

Now using a wheelchair and a walker, Munley is scheduled for knee replacement surgery in January; doctors state her artificial knee will wear out much sooner if she dons the equipment and clothing required by a police officer. However she hopes to be able to remain in another area of law enforcement, perhaps teaching.

Kimberly Munley will not be a permanent victim no matter the outcome of her coming surgeries.