Ultimate 'stimulus' hypocrisy

While Obama, Al Gore and the EPA pontificate about global warming, a special report released by Sen. Coburn (Stimulus Checkup) on the 100 worst Stimulus projects. Listed near the top of the list is:

"4. Research to Develop Supersonic Corporate Jets ($4.7 Million)

Lockheed Martin will receive a total of more than $21 million in federal money -- with $4.7 million funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act -- from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to advance research for supersonic jet travel.27 High ticket costs, fuel-guzzling and the infamous sonic boom  helped doom commercial supersonic travel in the past; the last Concorde jet flew in 2003."

I wonder if Al Gore will be so outraged by the carbon footprint that he will order one of these jets for himself? He could do even more to fight global warming that way.

So the Obama Administration has traveled to Copenhagen to denounce global warming at the same time the Stimulus Bill is paying to develop a gas guzzling high speed jet that will cause huge sonic booms, rattling windows and nerves. Just as long as these supersonic jets don't fly executives to Las Vegas, Pres. Obama doesn't appear to see any hypocrisy or disconnect in this project to develop more powerful executive jets.

The environmentalists can, if they choose, protest this corporate jet subsidy all they want, but it is now law. One awaits Greenpeace or the Environmental Defense Fund with signs outside the White House. But they really don't have to involve themselves, because once these jets are developed, there will be plenty of other organizations and individuals to take up the slack.
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