The White House 'Open Government' initiative

Fresh from having his Senate lackey, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada), force through his so called health care reform bill behind closed doors and then totally refuse   to reveal the details, President Barack Obama's (D) White House lackeys proudly announced  their Open Government Directive.

Why an Open Government Matters

Tuesday's release of the Open Government Directive and the Progress Report on Open Government to the American People is another milestone in the Obama Administration's unprecedented efforts to foster transparency and accessibility, and a logical extension of the American ideal of openness in government.

Their cognitive dissonance or big lie excuse continues on the next page.


Openness promotes accountability by enabling journalists, researchers, government officials, and the public to scrutinize, question, and ultimately improve how government works. But, as with many aspects of Democracy, openness must evolve. The Progress Report on Open Government to the American People describes how the Administration is doing just that.


This new degree of openness is enabled in part by 21st century technology, which makes it possible for government to open its doors and databases more than ever before. From online listening tours and chats to web-based brainstorming by government officials with the American public, the White House and federal agencies are opening up the way they work to improve accountability in government and deepen our democracy.

But creating an open government - one that is committed to transparency and civic engagement - does more than promote accountability. Working in the open fosters collaboration between government, private industry, and the public to improve the lives of Americans in their communities.

To mark the publication of the Directive and the Report, every Cabinet Department is launching a new open government project.

Apparently they haven't consulted with Harry Reid; something about separation of powers I believe they'll mumble. And as for accountability--jobs for prostitutes stimulates the economy. Just ask Obama's Golf Digest cover buddy Tiger Woods.

Want to learn more?

p. 1 OPEN GOVERNMENT DIRECTIVE Watch CIO Vivek Kundra and CTO Aneesh Chopra discuss the new Open Government Directive in a live chat from Tuesday morning.

With an open laptop in front of them, we learn that the White House uses Apple computers.

The President's Jobs Forum brought out ideas on job creation from across the board. Watch video of every session, or learn how to host your own Community Jobs Forum.

The nation's Community Organizer in Chief imported people who told him what he wanted to hear. Few offered suggestions of cutting taxes--although miraculously Obama did triumphantly announce limited capital gains tax cuts--or limit government spending and interference in business and private life which are the true engines of job creation.

p. 3 The President's SAVE Award

Help us choose the winning idea. From now until 11:59pm on Thursday, December 10th, you can vote on the top ideas. The idea with the most votes will be included in the FY2011 Budget.


However to save money and reduce global warming, an all inclusive trip to Washington DC at government expense for the winner is not included. Taxes and IRS litigation are the responsibility of the winner.


The President outlined his strategy on Afghanistan and Pakistan at West Point. Read his remarks and watch the full video of his address.

Ignore the apologies and excuses; some of the speech actually had good ideas.

hat tip: The Daily Show, Jon Stewart