Saudis want independent investigation of Climategate

Mecca and Medinah, the two holiest places in Islam, may reside within the borders of Saudi Arabia but the Kingdom  lives and dies by oil alone. 

Everyone knows that.  Petroleum and petroleum products are 90% of Saudi’s exports.  That desert nation did sign the Climate Change-Kyoto Protocol, but never ratified it, and now, the kingdom is in Copenhagen and is not amused:

Saudia Arabia told global warming talks on Monday that trust in climate science had been "shaken" by leaked emails among experts and called for an international probe.

"The level of trust is definitely shaken, especially now that we are about to conclude an agreement that ... is going to mean sacrifices for our economies," said Mohammed al-Sabban, the kingdom's top climate negotiator, told delegates at the opening of December 7-18 UN talks.

Al-Sabban called for an "independent" international investigation, but said that the UN climate science body was unqualified to carry it out.

The Left, the MSM and the White House may ignore ClimateGate, but ignoring a major oil producing nation is another matter.  Saudi Arabia can and will kill any agreement which endangers its sovereignty.

Iran has always expressed an interest in Mecca and Medinah and is not pleased with Saudi’s exclusive control.  Saudi has national interests at heart, what sane nation doesn’t, and national survival is one of them.

Saudi Arabia maybe not be able to keep a suffocating socialist bureaucracy from going international, but the kingdom may be able to slow it down until a better, saner time comes to kill the fraudulent carbon-footed monstrosity in its tracks.