Please search me next time I board a plane

If you take a close look at my last name, you will notice that it is not the typical Anglo Saxon Protestant name, but instead the name Massoud is a name that has Middle Eastern origins. The fact of the matter is that my father is from Afghanistan. And I am as proud of my Afghan heritage as I am my Scots Irish and German heritage.

Shortly after 9-11, it became apparent that I was being searched more often than pure White Anglo Saxon passengers. A white sitting next to me on the plane asked what I thought about this and my response was "Glad they do this, keeps everyone safe". The white man looked puzzled and I continued "Let's be frank, the fact is that serial killers are more likely than not to be white males, drug dealers are more likely to be ethnic minorities, and terrorists who blow up buildings and planes in the name of Jihad are probably single Middle Eastern males ages 30-45. So I'm glad they are paying closer attention to me, because it helps make sure that no one brings a bomb on the plane, which in turn makes sure I'll get to my destination alive."

The guy (obviously a liberal) asked me "But isn't that racist"?

There is no way to respond to such a person. This type of person who would be more pleased with being blown out of the sky than being seen as "insensitive". Many Muslims now are saying that we should not "racially profile Muslims". Sorry but there is nothing wrong with "racial profiling". (racial profiling is not the same as pulling over someone for "driving while black") And the fact is that if Muslims want to be taken seriously on this issue, instead of saying "don't racially profile us" they should instead say that killing of civilians is wrong and chastize the radicals who would kill in the name of Allah.

Next time I get on a plane, I hope that the TSA won't be afraid to check my baggage, and the baggage of whoever else is in front of me or behind me. Don't be afraid to hurt my feelings or the feelings of anyone else. Just be sure to get me from my point of origin to my destination alive. And everyone else on the plane too.

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