Pelosi's 'angry mobs'

Pick your hypocrisy at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

Examples are everywhere:

--“Climate-gate” in the two weeks leading up to the conference, has shown the entire basis for the meeting, anthropogenic global warming, is fraudulent science. 

--16,500 delegates and reporters, 152 world leaders, and approximately 150,000 protestors, celebrities and other climate clingers have dieseled in on jets from all over the world to ride in limousines, scarf scallops and caviar, and  preach to the rest of us working stiffs about wasting energy and eating too much meat.

--U.S. taxpayers are the biggest supporters of the United Nations ($4.3B in 2005) and pay the salaries of the President, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senator Kerry and the 20-odd members of Congress who are attending the U.N. climate conference. 

So, American taxpayers (who are back home struggling to stay employed, or are still having to pay taxes even if they are unemployed) are paying for the political elite and enviro-effete to do Denmark.  Every other speech at the conference is critical of capitalism and stingy Americans.

-- American taxpayers are being told by Third World countries and the Obama administration they must be “punished” for polluting the world.  Secretary Clinton has just told the conference the U.S. might help raise $100 billion a YEAR to developing nations for the “damages” the poor countries have suffered or will suffer from global warming.  

--This summer, House Speakeress Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) attacked the Tea Party protestors who were criticizing the proposed health care reform bill. “They’re carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on health care.”  The speaker inferred the senior citizens, war veterans and taxpayers were “Astro-turf” protestors paid by the Republican party to attend town hall meetings, not a “grassroots” movement.

While Tea Party activists did pack meetings all summer long, carried signs and were loud at times, the only violence that occurred is when SEIU security guards hired by a congressman assaulted a Tea Party spokesman.

Madame Speaker Pelosi has arrived in Copenhagen with her entourage and has said absolutely nothing about the ruckus and the law-breaking going on just outside the conference center. 

Crowds of “global warming”gooney-tunes, perhaps as many as 100,000 of them, have been stopping traffic and destroying property all week in Copenhagen.  They have thrown bricks, broken windows, and  assaulted a news reporter who is not sympathetic to “their” climate cause.  They launched fireworks at police officers.  Approximately 2,000 arrests have been made.  

The GreenPeace environ-nutsy organization is funding many aspects of the protest.

Though the mainstream media steer cameras away from the images, there are large groups carrying Communist party flags, swastikas images, and signs supporting worldwide socialism.

We must assume that by her silence, that Speaker Nancy Pelosi approves of the communist, socialist, Marxist violent eco-thugs in Copenhagen because these angry mobs are on “her” side.



Jane Jamison is publisher of the conservative news and commentary blog,