PC bureaucrats making themselves look really stupid

Nothing makes me laugh harder than a dimwitted race grievance industry bureaucrat fired up on diversity rhetoric attempting to outwit the general public by making up phony evidence of inclusiveness, and failing miserably. I do believe it has something to do with the self-righteousness of the kind of people who are diversity industry functionaries. These are, after all, the kind of people who really believe that a lack of intelligence, experience, and skill should not preclude one from exercising decision-making authority over an issue.

Big Fur Hat of iOwnTheWorld.com has come up with a couple of hilarious examples of this kind of idiotic conceit on display. I tip my hat to the master.

- A new policy in Toronto, where the city manager mandated the staff always try to represent the cultural mix of residents, didn't think he had to tell the staff to actually depict true diversity."Races intermingling? We hear talk of it, but it doesn't actually happen, does it?"  So, what do they do? They stick some black guy's head in the shot. The result looks like the picture was taken a split second before the family realized some crazy guy snuck into the shot. It's disturbing.


- The University of Texas, Arlington is certainly doing their part to celebrate diversity. Or perhaps this is from their course catalog? Photoshop 101 - Don't Let This Happen To You! Nothing says racial unity like a photo of 3 white girls outside hugging with a clearly indoor black stranger photoshopped into it. This is much worse than not having her in the pic at all.

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