Obama snubs Norwegian king

Gosh, you just can't please everyone. Weeks after the Norwegians awarded President Barack Hussein Obama (D) the Nobel Peace Prize, many Norwegians are grumbling--  peacefully of course--because

A majority of Norwegians consider "impolite" US President Barack Obama's decision to snub parts of the official Nobel Peace Prize programme in Oslo this week, a poll showed on Wednesday.

(Hat Tip: AFP)

Saving the world from a recession/depression caused by his predecessor, saving the world from the war in Afghanistan and Iraq caused by his predecessor, saving relations with American allies ruined by his predecessor, and saving the world from global warming to which his predecessor contributed mightily apparently doesn't leave Obama much time to hang out in Oslo for the three days of Nobel Peace Prize festivities. The Norwegians, being Norwegians, believe Obama's priorities are skewed.

Al Gore, one of Obama's Nobel Peace Prize predecessors, did the whole three day thing after he won his Nobel. Of course, when Al Gore won the Academy Award, alas he only had to remain in Hollywood for the day, although he has returned again and again and again and...

The Norwegians must be jealous.