Obama gets no more threats than Bush, Clinton

As the first black president of the US, Barack Obama (D) is subject to more death threats than previous presidents because the US is such a racist society, right?

Not according to Mark Sullivan, head of the Secret Service, testifying before the House Homeland Security Committee on the Salahis' not so excellent White House party crashing escapade. Answering persistent questions from Rep Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) about errors in presidential security despite increased threats against the first black president, Sullivan replied (several minutes in ), that the number of threats against Obama "is the same level as the previous two presidents."

The race/ethnicity/gender/religion of the previous two presidents was male Euro-Caucasian Protestant.

Interestingly no charges of racism were every directed at those lefties who so publicly and gleefully contemplated the murder of George W. Bush (R). Now that is bigotry.