NYT finally acknowledges Christmas

After American Thinker hectored the New York Times twice about not having any Christmas decorations at their headquarters building, once in 2007 and once in early December 2009, the Times has placed three prominent Christmas wreathes at their entrances at Forty-First Street, Fortieth Street and along Eighth Avenue.

We don't know if we can claim full credit for this. We'll have to ask Santa.

One wonders if Maureen Dowd will be writing a screed denouncing this pandering to the Religious Right and other "knuckle draggers."

The Times' Japanese men's clothier tenant MUJI still doesn't have any Christmas decorations, but their Italian restaurant tenant Montenapo has Christmas baubles displayed prominently in their windows.

Alas, the Times headquarters still has no Hanukkah displays. Efshar beh Hashanna Habaah. Maybe in the coming year. After all, Hanukkah does acknowledge a miracle.
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