NPR pressures correspondent over her Fox News appearances

The White House campaign against Fox News is bearing some poisonous fruit--censorship. Josh Gerstein of Politico relates how executives at National Public Radio (NPR), which proudly labels itself as "listener supported," exerted pressure on one of its major correspondents to forgo her appearances on Fox News.

Executives at National Public Radio recently asked the network's top political correspondent, Mara Liasson, to reconsider her regular appearances on Fox News because of what they perceived as the network's political bias, two sources familiar with the effort said.

According to a source, Liasson was summoned in early October by NPR's executive editor for news, Dick Meyer, and the network's supervising senior Washington editor, Ron Elving. The NPR executives said they had concerns that Fox's programming had grown more partisan, and they asked Liasson to spend 30 days watching the network.

Liasson's response?

At a follow-up meeting last month, Liasson reported that she'd seen no significant change in Fox's programming and planned to continue appearing on the network, the source said.

No word yet as to whether Liasson plans to listen to NPR for 30 days to gauge if it was partisan or had grown even more so and if she planned to continue as a correspondent for the station.

Further there is no word yet as to whether NPR's executives, Meyer and Elving, have also summoned other correspondents and contributors, asking them to watch for 30 days other stations and networks where they had appeared to gauge whether they had become more partisan since the nomination and election of President Barack Hussein Obama (D).

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