Nelson's 'reprehensible' deal making

You can't be half pregnant, they say. You can't be half dead, and you can't half-kill your fetus. King Solomon did not cut the Biblical baby in half, because you can't divide the world up that way. Aborting a pregnancy is an all-or-none action.

You can argue about the moment of pregnancy when a fetus should receive the same legal protections that you and I have against criminal aggression and murder. Is it the the moment of conception? Is it when the early fetus attaches to the womb? Is it the moment of "quickening," as traditional Christian and Judaic laws decided? Or, now that we can look at sonograms and measures of brain activity, should it be earlier than the moment of quickening?

Those are real questions.

Whether Nebraska gets a special deal so as to avoid the humongous tax burden the rest of the country will have to bear if ObamaCare becomes law --- that question does not rise to the level of moral weight as the life of a single baby.

That should be obvious to one and all.

But not to Ben Nelson, it seems. The Senator was simply crushed by the political pressure from Harry Reid and the White House, and decided to bug out of the moral issue altogether.

"Reprehensible," said Nebraska Republican Senator Mike Johanns "If you are pro-life," Johanns said, "you cannot vote to end debate on this bill."

That seems obvious enough.

But Senator Nelson felt insulted. "You never get everything you want," he said. "But we did get essentially the things I needed."

Which shows the world exactly where the Senator stands on cutting the baby in half, doesn't it?

It is time for all of us to start keeping track of all the morally dubious Congress folks, and campaign to get them out of power --- next year if possible.